We aim to:to raise public awareness on Autistic Spectrum Disorders in order to help autistic people enjoy a full, creative and autonomous life within the wider social framework.

  • To fight discrimination and the social stigma associated with Autism thus ensuring that Autistic people be given equal chances social incorporation
  • To promote the idea that autistic people deserve the same basic social rights as those considered normal
  • To work on the sharing of specialized scientific knowledge in the field of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • To cooperate with other organizations that share the same vision

STERGIOS NOTAS, D.P.MGR., clinical psychologistς, Scientific Advisor
SOPHIA SAGIA, Educator, parent of an autistic child, Coordinator
SOCRATIS MAGNISALIS, Educator, parent of an autistic child, Site and Communication Coordinator
NIKOLAOS NOTAS, Executive, project task force member
NIKOLAOS MAGNISALIS, college student, project task force member

Some years ago, when Internet mediated communication was in its infancy in Greece, we decoded to create the first website devoted to the wonderful people and scientists of The Specialised Day Care Centre for Autistic Children, inspired by their dedication and relentless efforts to bring hope to dozens of Autistic children and their families.
This website was and continues to be dedicated to all autistic persons and their families who find the strength to keep on going despite the difficulties they face.
Since a lot of water went under the bridge in the field of Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Greece. We are proud for doing our share but at the same time recognize that still a lot needs to be done. The fight against ignorance and the stigma that follows autistic people in their daily lives is far from over. Autistic people still need our support to make it in this world of ours.

Scientific Advisor:
Dr. Stergios Notas D. P. MGR
Head of the Day Care Centre for Autistic children

Socratris Magnisalis – Educator
Sophia Sagia – Educator
Technical Advisor:
Kasvikis – Web specialist

Editing Committee:Contributing special scientists from Greece and abroad